It’s Almost Here…

Destination Polaris came by and you’ll get to see what we showed them soon.

Destination Polaris came by SuperATV here in Madison, Indiana to take a look at what we’ve been cooking up for our Project X build. We’ve got something really special under wraps here the should surprise you.

Here’s what I can tell you about it: We started with a Polaris vehicle, added a bumper and a winch, then did a whole bunch of other stuff, and then we painted it orange. Oh, you can see that all in the picture, you say? Well how about this: we named it… I can’t tell you that either.

After Shock in the mud


Check out our Depth Finder build and our Bad Blood build while you wait for our full breakdown next week!

Posted by K. Wright

I've been at SuperATV for over 2 years, and in my tenure here I've touched nearly every part of the business. From customer service to quality, shipping to assembly, I've been able to work with just about every person here at SuperATV. So if I don't know the inside scoop, I know exactly where to find it.

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