Introducing SuperATV’s Gen 2 Portals

That’s right. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about portals in the last 2+ years and made new, better, stronger portals. They were already great, but now they’re even greater. Here’s what’s new in our Gen 2 portals.

Portal Drive Shafts

I’m not going to screw around here so let’s start with the most significant change: the drive shafts. We’ve seriously beefed these things up. These new shafts put the previous shafts to shame. The thread pitch has been increased from M20 to M30. That also means you get beefier castle nuts and we’re putting a socket for them in the box. The cotter pin has been increased to 4-3/4 mm from 3 mm. The diameter of the shaft has been increased by a whopping 30%.


The old shaft is on the left. The new shaft is on the right.

These things are tough. They’re so tough that they even stall our breaker machine. That’s the same breaker that’s broken every axle we’ve ever put in it. So technically we don’t even know how strong they are. We are 100% certain that they are strong enough. You can’t break them, and even your cotter pin is up to extra abuse.

Wheel Hubs

New Hub

The old hub is on the left. The new hub is on the right.

With larger drive shafts comes new wheel hubs. The hub plate itself is 4 mm thicker and the design has changed to eliminate the need for a separate tapered washer and should lead to less wear on your suspension overall.

Portal Lid

Portal lid

You get the idea. Old left, new right.

The portal lid has been improved as well. Previously, we made these lids with some honeycomb features that reduced weight. Now we’re making them as a solid piece of aluminum for increased strength.

Caliper Mounting Plates

caliper mounting plates

<–Old | New–>

Our new plates are made of steel and they’re thicker. They’re virtually indestructible. You won’t be able to break these things without some insanely gnarly riding.

Already have a Portal Gear Lift? Get a conversion kit!

If you already have SuperATV portal gear lift, and you bought it new from us before October 13, 2017, then you might be feeling like you’re out of luck. But we’ve got you covered. We have Gen 2 conversion kits for all models including Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat. These kits include everything mentioned above plus new seals. It even comes with a socket for those huge castle nuts.

Altogether you’re looking at an impressive suite of changes. We’ve made the best portal gear lift on the market better and more reliable. They’re still the same price and they’re available right now. So go check them out!


Posted by K. Wright

I've been at SuperATV for over 2 years, and in my tenure here I've touched nearly every part of the business. From customer service to quality, shipping to assembly, I've been able to work with just about every person here at SuperATV. So if I don't know the inside scoop, I know exactly where to find it.

  1. Good job super atv! It stinks nothing will retrofit the gen1 like mine but you went the extra mile and for that. đź‘Ź I feel bad for all the ones that purchased portals from other manufacturers!


    1. Thanks Rick! Funny you should mention a retrofit—we’ll have a conversion kit on the website soon! Keep your eye out for it in the next week or so (if all goes according to plan.)


  2. Michael McNamara October 24, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    You making them for the pioneer 700 and 1000?


    1. We’ve got Gen 2 Portals for the Pioneer 1000 right here.

      No news on portals for the 700 though. Maybe someday!


  3. Guys y’all are really making some great stuff! Customer service is top notch.. called and have my portal 2.0s on the way for my can am x3!!


    1. Nice! The X3 looks good on set of portals!


  4. Are these available for my 2016 T4 yet?


    1. You’re talking about a Joyner Trooper T4 right? We don’t have them at the moment and it looks like we don’t have plans to make them yet. If enough people ask, though, something might happen!


  5. Do you have them for the 2017 teryx?


  6. Please hurry up and build some for the new rubicon’s. Patiently waiting for y’all to take my money on them. Or a retrofit for the pioneer 1000 ones to fit the rubi’s


    1. Sounds like we don’t have anything coming for the Rubicon at the moment, unfortunately. If people keep asking we won’t be able to ignore it, though!


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