New Polaris RZR RS1—A RZR 1000 Single Seater

Polaris just unveiled their new RZR RS1 with a short video showing some impressive specs and fancy driving. Check out the full video below.

It’s essentially a RZR 1000 crammed into a smaller frame making it faster and more agile. But how does it compare really to a standard XP 1000 of the 2 seat variety?

First off the horsepower is matched at 110 HP. No surprise there. And it sports the same on-demand AWD that you know and love from the RZR line.

It would make sense that the RS1 would run on the same ProStar 1000 engine as the RZR 1000 but their spec sheet is showing a Tomahawk engine. What difference that will make is unclear, but considering the model in the video has a ProStar sticker on there, I would assume a difference in name only. [Update: Polaris’ spec sheet has been updated to show a ProStar 1000 H.O. 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder engine. No surprise there. Maybe “Tomahawk” was their code name.]

Another surprising spec is that the RS1’s dry weight comes in at 1340 lbs compared to the RZR 1000’s 1369 lbs. I would have expected a weight difference of much more than 29 pounds—that’s not all that far off from my own weight loss goal after all. Maybe that extra weight comes from the Tomahawk engine? So where’s all the RS1’s touted agility coming from?

Part of it comes from the extra half-inch ground clearance—the RS1 comes in with 13.5″ of ground clearance. The rest comes from the 7″ shorter wheelbase while maintaining the wide 64″ stance. We’ll really have to get our hands on it before we know for sure.

The last thing to note is that if you take a close look at the drive train they highlight in the video, it looks an awful lot like the RZR Turbo drivetrain. It looks like they’ve designed it so they can drop a turbo in down the line, though we’re not exactly sure where it’ll fit.

Polaris RS1 Transmission

You can see the the flange on the prop shaft typical of a Turbo, and the little half shaft with the U joint just behind the bearing.

What do you guys think? Do you want one of these? Who do you think it’s for? Would you rather just pay the extra $4,000 dollars to get that passenger seat?

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Posted by K. Wright

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  1. Sorry, but I think Polaris missed the mark on this one. It should be significantly lighter. I can live with the width and shorter wheel base, but the weight is a problem. This appears to be a real sports car version on the surface but there aren’t enough differences to make it appealing to me.


    1. I don’t want to write it off just yet. I feel like there’s some niche group out there that will justify its existence — I just have no idea who that is or why they don’t want a 2-seater RZR 1000.


  2. I think the rs1 looks pretty mean! I’d like to see this with a little more ground clearance, some super atv high clearance a-arms, snorkel, clutch kit and a nice set of mud tires! Maybe asassinators!


    1. Yeah, Assassinators would look awesome on that thing! I’m sure we’ll have some cool stuff for that thing. Wouldn’t that be cool if all of our RZR 1000 lifts, clutch kits, and tunes just worked for the RS1 without modification? That’s pretty unlikely but you’d have so many options right out of the gate if it did.


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