Fast shipping from SuperATV – It’s Not as Easy as You Think

SuperATV has long been known for fast shipping. We get stuff out the door the same day you order it and it gets to your doorstep in just a few days. How do we do

SuperATV Welding

From Start to Finish: How We Make Something New and Get it to You

SuperATV makes a lot of new parts every year. At the moment we have something like 2500 different parts on that you can buy. That should show you that we have some experience in


We Went to the Sand Sports Super Show and it Was… Super!

SuperATV was at the Sand Sports Super Show last weekend in Costa Mesa, California. It’s called “Super” for a reason. It’s a huge show—one of the biggest and best shows we’ve ever seen. Over 300

Hill Climbing SuperATV

Want to Get Into Hill Climbing? Here are a Few Tips to Get You Started

If you’ve never seriously tried hill climbing in your UTV, you should. The risks of climbing an insane hill are high and it’s easy to rack up a huge repair bill. But the reward is

Bad Blood SuperATV

Race2Riches 2 Recap—Who Won and Who Rolled

Race2Riches 2 featured some of the biggest, baddest, rock bouncers and custom UTVs all competing for a piece of $150,000. The event featured 6 brutal hills—2 for bouncer class and 4 for pro UTV class—and

bad blood race2riches

Team SuperATV is on the Starting Line Again—This Time They’re in Bad Blood and There’s $150,000 Up for Grabs

Team SuperATV is headed to WindRock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee to take part in the Race2Riches2! Race2Riches2 features 100 of the best extreme hill climbing racers all in their custom rock bouncers or custom

safety superatv

Basic Safety: If You’re Not Doing These Then You’re Asking for Trouble

UTVs and off-roading are blowing up. It seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on a RZR, Maverick or anything else so they can hit the trails with 1000cc and a turbo under

gear reductions

We Love Gear Reductions, but How do They Work?

Gear reductions, gear reductions, gear reductions. We like to throw them in wherever we can. And why wouldn’t we? Gear reductions give you more torque—the most coveted of specs for the off road enthusiast. But

Top 10 Instagram

Top 10 Instagram photos from August

We’ve got another batch of photos ready for your perusal this month. Check out the top 10 Instagram photos that you guys sent us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us with


Winter Can Be Fun Too With Gear From SuperATV

Winter’s Here Winter is happening right now! In fact, we’re about halfway through it, so we’re in the very heart of winter. Now, there are exactly two kinds of people in the world: those who