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Justin Eaton SuperATV

Employee Spotlight: Justin Eaton, Design Engineer

Would it surprise you if I told you one of SuperATV’s design engineers has gotten his wife to go into labor by taking her creek crawling in his RZR? No? What if I told you

Portal Pairs! What to Add to Your Portal Gear Lift to Take Your Machine Over the Top

Our GDP Portal Gear Lifts are pretty great on their own and come in a couple different varieties. You can either go with our 4″ portal lift which gives you a 30% gear reduction in

Portal Header

These Guys are Riding on Portals and Here’s What They Have to Say About Them

We talk a lot about the advantages of running our GDP Portal Gear Lifts. Why would you believe us though? Of course we’re trying to sell you something and of course we think the thing

What’s so great about GDP Portal Gear Lifts? Here are the top 7 things you should know about portals.

We like portal gear lifts and so do you. Here are the top 7 frequently asked questions and details that you may have overlooked. 7. They come with everything As with any kit you buy

SuperATV General 4 Custom Build

Moab Must-Haves

We built a custom machine for Rally on the Rocks in Moab. Here are the top 11 pieces of gear that we used and that you should have to turn your vehicle into the ultimate Moab monster!